Friday, July 29, 2011

My first Tableau Contest Entry Data Viz: Who's the hottest hitter on your team?

 Click on image to view interactive display


  1. Mike,

    As promised on Twitter, here are my comments/suggestions.

    1. Terrific spacing across the dashboard. Everything seems to have just the right amount of room. Using abbreviations for the team names helped I bet.

    2. I like the consistent theme in the scatter plots of comparing to plate appearances.

    3. Excellent use of color, that is, no color. It's not needed at all in this viz and this would print terrifically.

    4. I like the slide, but would change the date/time format to only a date; the time isn't needed and could lead someone to believe the time of the game is part of the data.

    5. On the Pareto charts, I would change it to a % of total running sum of runs. You would do this by adding a secondary calculation on the table calc and choosing % of total. Using % would allow you to more easily see the contribution each player is making.

    Fantastic, fantastic viz! I'm totally nitpicking and offering some feedback, none of it major whatsoever; just personal preference.


  2. Thanks for the great feedback Andy! I'm glad you like and I agree with your suggestions.

  3. Well done!! Great attention to detail and very cool!!

  4. Mike,

    Agreeing with Andy and Greg. Only suggestion -- turn on highlighting, so folks can see where selected players fall on every view.

    As always,

    Peace and All Good!